Chrisley Knows Best Preview: Is Nanny Faye a “Pig Whisperer”?

Chrisley knows…the truffle pig business?

In this exclusive clip from Thursday, Nov. 12’s all-new Chrisley Knows Best, Nanny Faye enlists the help of grandson Chase Chrisley as she shops for a truffle pig.

“Chase, did you know that pigs were an expert at sniffing out truffles?” the Chrisley matriarch starts off.

While Chase reveals that this information is news to him, he seems open to learning more about his nanny’s latest scheme.

In a confessional, Nanny Faye informs Chase, “I did some research and, with the right pig, we can beat the competition and laugh all the way to bank.”

Upon hearing this, Chase begins to doubt his grandmother’s plan and calls the idea “crazy.”

Nanny Faye shoots back, “I don’t pay you to think.”

However, as Chase quickly points out, Nanny Faye doesn’t “pay [him] at all.”

Still, Chase joins Nanny Faye as they meet a potential truffle hunting pig. It doesn’t take long for Nanny Faye to set her sights on one pig in particular.

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