Harry Melling Is So Much More Than His Harry Potter Character

Continuing on this point, Harry reflected on how his character revaluated his love of chess, purpose in life and more.

“His world, sort of, does move and shift,” he relayed. “And I think what he latches on to, with all these shifts, is a sense of honor, it’s a sense of doing the right thing, it’s a sense of love, really. Love beyond a romantic love for this person.”

After giving this insightful response, Harry quipped, “But, I couldn’t talk about what’s appealing about him. Maybe it’s something about that! I don’t know.”

In addition to having the same name, Harry identified other similarities he shares with his Queen’s Gambit character.

“There’s gonna be similarities in every character you play, I think,” he sounded off. “There’s I think a softness to both of us, there’s a thoughtfulness, there’s a soulfulness maybe.”

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