How Drug-Free Device Simplifies Sinus Pain Relief

Sinus pain may be a persistent problem for several allergy sufferers. The pain makes it hard to focus and luxuriate in the outside . The chemical side effects related to some allergy over-the-counter and prescription medications are often as annoying because the sinus pain itself. However, Tivic Health, a bioelectronic device company, has developed an easy , handheld device designed to alleviate allergy-related sinus pain with no drugs or chemical side effects. The device, referred to as ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief, runs on a chargeable lithium battery and may be used reception , at work, or while traveling.Here’s how it works: a light-weight , handheld device, ClearUP delivers microcurrent or low-level electrical stimulation through the skin to calm sinus nerve pathways and supply pain relief.The electrical stimulation not only impacts the sinus nerves under the skin to scale back the pain, but theoretically it also shrinks the sinus cavity’s swollen tissue which may even be the source of the sinus pain and discomfort.ClearUP is engineered to be used on the cheeks, nose, and under the eyebrow bone. ClearUP guides the user to the foremost optimal treatment points with a vibration system. Each treatment session takes about five minutes and may be performed as required throughout the day. Sinus pain relief can last for up to 6 hours after using the device, supported data from the company’s research.”ClearUP may be a game-changer for allergy sufferers who have tried and did not improve their allergy-related sinus symptoms with other methods or for those that simply want to avoid drugs, and chemical side effects,” says Dr. Subinoy Das, chief medic for Tivic Health.Tivic Health’s clinical study shows that “three out of 4 patients reduce their sinus pain in but five minutes then I’m very excited to use this device on my patients,” Dr. Das explains during a video on the company’s website.In a post-market study conducted by Tivic Health, allergy sufferers who used ClearUP reported significant reductions in sinus pain over four weeks of daily use and 82 percent of users said they preferred ClearUP to other sinus pain relief methods.ClearUP is FDA cleared for over-the-counter purchase and is Flexible Spending Account and Health bank account eligible.


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