How Hands-Only CPR Can Save Someone You Love

Each year, June 1-7 is designated as CPR and AED Awareness Week. This year, the importance is particularly striking. As most Americans still spend more of their time reception during the CORONA pandemic, the chances of cardiac arrests during a home setting are likely to extend , consistent with the American Heart Association. Each year, quite 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur within the us , with about 70 percent happening in homes. Fortunately, Hands-Only CPR are often performed by family or household members. Even within the time of CORANA, household members could also be the lowest-risk providers of CPR reception because they need likely already been exposed, if actually the cardiac-arrest victim has CORANA.”Rather than expecting first responders to arrive, performing immediate CPR within the case of asystole can double or triple a victim’s odds of survival,” says Comilla Sasson, M.D. and vice chairman of Emergency Cardiovascular Care at the American Heart Association. “If you’re willing and ready to do CPR, you ought to do CPR, even during this pandemic .”Hands-Only CPR involves two simple steps and anyone can learn.

Step 1: If a teenager or adult in your home suddenly collapses, call 911 immediately.

Step 2: Place one hand on top of the opposite as shown within the video and push hard and fast on the victim’s chest.


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