3 Tips for Winning at Weight Loss this New Year

Every January, many people celebrate the New Year with a resolution. Whether it’s to reduce , buy a house or start a replacement career, there’s something motivating about beginning the year with a goal. In January 2020, Illinois nurse and cancer survivor Chrissie Lapke set a replacement Year’s resolution that might change everything — to become the healthiest version of herself. A seven-year cancer survivor, Chrissie knew she had the drive to succeed. “Life was almost removed from me so I made a decision to start out my Nutrisystem journey in order that I could begin to like myself again. “Now, nearly a year later and 34 pounds lighter, Chrissie offers these important tips for anyone striving to reduce and obtain healthier in 2021.

1. Say your resolution aloud and write it down

Study after study shows us that vividly describing your goals aloud or in writing is strongly related to goal achievement – those that very vividly describe or picture their goals are more likely to successfully accomplish them. Externalizing your hopes and plans may be a big step toward achieving them. once you hear your goals in your own voice or see them written in your own handwriting, they feel more real and more attainable. “Saying my goal of losing weight and getting healthy aloud and writing it down on paper made feel as if i used to be holding myself accountable,” says Chrissie.

2. Make an idea that you simply can realistically follow

Setting realistic goals begins with an idea that you feel confident you’ll follow. If you’re a mom of two young kids, a weight loss plan that involves cooking every meal, 7 days every week , is perhaps unrealistic. Also, it’s important to seem for an idea with a more personalized approach to suit your needs as which will help fuel your success. “Studies have shown that a customized approach to nutrition results in better and more sustained adherence,” says Courtney McCormick, MPH, RDN, LDN, manager, clinical research and nutrition, Nutrisystem. “And during a recent clinical study testing the personalized Nutrisystem program, users sustained steady weight loss results while enjoying the foods they love. Unlike other diets that need fasting, with the All-New Nutrisystem, you’ll eat more food than on our prior programs and still reduce .”

3. Update your goals and expectations supported your unique circumstances.

In any weight loss journey, there’ll be milestones, plateaus and setbacks. It’s important to see in on your progress and make adjustments to suit your body and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Chrissie has learned through trial and error that she is her best self when she is healthy, both mentally and physically. “I love myself again and that i believe and self-esteem!” she says. “It is so nice to listen to the compliments from others, but it means such a lot more to seem within the mirror and be proud of my body image and to only love myself again. “Remember, the key to achieving your resolutions is to focus. By visualizing and speaking your goals aloud, finding an idea that works for you and adjusting as you progress, you’ll get on your thanks to success this year.


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