Jeannie Mai Pulls a Love Actually In a Visit to The Real

Jeannie Mai may not be allowed to use her voice right now, but she’s still got a lot to say. 

The star was forced to drop out of Dancing With the Stars and take a break from her day job on The Real two weeks ago when her doctor discovered a dangerous abscess in her throat. She had to go into emergency surgery and is now on the road to recovery, but she’s taking a moment to check in with her co-hosts on tomorrow’s episode of The Real

E! News has an exclusive first look at her visit, in which she manages to say a whole lot without speaking a single word. Armed with multiple poster boards a la Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually, Jeannie compliments her co-workers, promotes her fiancé Jeezy‘s new album and offers an update on when she’ll return to work as Loni Love struggles to keep up with all of the cards. 

“Your long-windedness, I didn’t think I’d ever miss that,” Loni says, and all Jeannie can do is make a face. 

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