Nikki Bella Turns to a Relationship Coach After Fight With Brother JJ

Nikki then turned to Artem for advice, who understood her hesitance about forcing the feuding family together.

“The only positive I see about it all, it’s better to go through it now than it be our wedding,” Nikki relayed. “Whenever we decide to do that.”

After this conversation, Artem went on a hike with Kathy and gauged her feelings about Jon attending Nikki’s potential baby shower.

“They don’t know what to do,” the Dancing With the Stars pro told his future mother-in-law. “They just don’t want to upset anyone, you know, by inviting and people get offended and their dad might be there and how you feel.”

At this point, Artem asked Kathy point blank, “If they invite, let’s say their dad, would you come?”

The answer? Probably not.

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