See JoJo Siwa Show Off Her Rapping Skills With a Hamilton Song

JoJo also has something in common with fellow nominee Lady Gaga.

“My choreographer and creative director is Richie Jackson and Lady Gaga’s choreographer and creative director is also Richie Jackson, so he does the both of us,” she revealed. “Richie has a very unique choreography style, and so over quarantine I was like, I want to learn a Lady Gaga dance. I now know over 22 Lady Gaga dances.”

While JoJo may be up for the Social Star award, she’s also a big fan of Social Celebrity nominee Kim Kardashian.

“She has always been nothing but nice,” JoJo revealed about the reality star. “She is the sweetest, one of the most kindest, one of the most caring [people] and she’s such a good mom.”

To see if JoJo or any of her favorite celebrities take home a PCA trophy, tune into the E! People’s Choice Awards on Sunday night at 9 p.m.! Plus, don’t forget to check out JoJo’s new holiday EP JoJo’s Rockin’ Christmas out today!

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