Vote For The 2020 Scandalous Moments You Can’t Stop Thinking About

Yes, 2020 was a painful year, but through it all, pop culture had our back. From the TV shows that kept us company to the songs that kept us sane to the social media trends that kept us laughing and the celebs who kept us guessing, it was the multi-faceted world of entertainment that had us pushing forward through even the darkest of days. And we know you feel the same. 

Before we kick this year to the curb, E! News wants to hear from you, dear reader. What were the moments you couldn’t stop obsessing over this year? The news that brightened up even the most monotonous of weeks? Through the end of December, we invite you to make your voice heard by voting for things that mattered most. (In celebrity-land, that is.) Let’s send out 2020 in style—and then never look back.

Let’s continue our 2020 in Review series by remembering all of the holy s–t moments that took place this year. No, we don’t mean the truly awful, life-shattering ones, but rather the OMG celeb news that had you texting all of your friends and engaging in Twitter deep dives (i.e. less COVID, more are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston getting back together?)  

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